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I have managed to gain almost two inches after the penis enlargement exercises

I was desperate to have a longer penis since it was shorter than the average one but I had no idea what to do.

two inches after the penis enlargement exercises

That is why I started to do some research and after some time I realized that I need to start exercising. There were lots of websites with the instructions and tips but I was under the impression that I am doing everything wrong since I didn’t see any progress.

At the same time, I was thinking about taking certain pills as well but again, I wasn’t sure what I am going to accomplish with those. After that period, I simply didn’t do anything about it and obviously I still wasn’t satisfied with the size of my penis. Then I made a decision that I am going to buy a traction device. I heard that there are many different types but the point is that all I have to do is wear it on my penis and that is it.

I also got a DVD with the instructions so I can exercise as well. After about two months, I noticed the difference and that I have managed to gain about 0.5 inches but that was not enough for me since I wanted at least one or two inches… I had to continue working on the length of my penis, but there is one thing that I liked about this penis enlargement method – I have noticed that I have managed to gain girth as well, which was great.

My penis looked bigger and it was bigger for sure. Still, I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I decided to start taking the penis enhancement pills as well. I have been studying a lot since there was no way to go to the doctor’s office and talk about this topic. I was too embarrassed to do that so I ordered a pack of pills on the internet. The delivery guy brought it to my home address and he had no idea what was inside since it was in a black box.

Even then I wasn’t sure that I am doing the right thing but that was about six months ago. Today, I can proudly say that I managed to gain more than I could ever expect, that my sex life is much better and that I can recommend the same things to all of you men out there who are not satisfied with the length of your penis.

You need to make a decision and to be 100% sure that penis enlargement is what you really need. After that you will have to be very determined and persistent since otherwise it is going to be very difficult for you to get the results that you have wanted. The combination of pills and the traction device has helped me a lot but there are other methods as well that can do the same to you.

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